Exposing bpas lies

Exposing the new bpas advertising campaign

Bpas have recently launched a new advertising campaign. 

Abort67 want to advertise the truth about abortion.


Ann Furedi at the Battle of ideas 2008

“We can accept that the embryo is a living thing in the fact that it has a beating heart, that it has its own genetic system within it, it's clearly human in the sense that it’s not a gerbil and we can recognise that it is human life….but the point is not when does life begin but when does it begin to matter.”


Proponants of abortion are desperate to keep the truth of what abortion does to a baby covered up. They will go to any lengths to prevent those who want to expose the truth about abortion from doing so, even if it means inventing a new law. Why go to such dramatic measures to protect something which is already legal in England. It is because when people see what abortion does to the unborn they are sickened and deeply upset by it and of course it is possible that their minds will be changed. 

Bpas DO NOT want you to change your mind about their killing facilities, therefore it makes sense for them to try and hush up those who are trying to expose it. 

Why are they Devious?
Bpas simply don't want you to know what abortion looks like. That means they definitely don't want groups showing others what abortion looks like and certainly not vulnerable women who are going to them for advice. Bpas says it respects Abort67’s right to protest abortion, but this simply isn't true since bpas wants to dictate exactly WHERE and HOW. Abort67 doesn’t protest abortion. It exposes abortion. Bpas really wants to monopolize all interaction with pregnant mothers who consider aborting their pregnancies. They want these women to hear and see only one side of the story.

Why are they Manipulative?
Bpas say that abortion  "Involves removing the pregnancy by gentle suction". To suggest gentle suction is a manipulation of the facts. In reality, vacuum aspiration abortion tears and crushes an unborn child. Manual vacuum abortions using large syringe-like instruments are sometimes used, though the suction is more gentle, the death is often slower for the unborn child. Ultimately the pictures show that abortion is actually an act of violence that kills a baby. Bpas want to ignore the unborn child, but the pictures make it impossible to do so. Bpas do not want you to see the pictures.

How are they Exploitative?
We agree women are vulnerable, they are vulnerable to the deception that will lead them to allow bpas to get their hands on these womens' children. CEO of bpas, Ann Furedi knows that abortion kills an unborn baby. “It’s not surprising that a lot of young people are not enthusiastic about abortion. They’re not enthusiastic about killing unborn babies.” Ann Furedi - Annual Abortionist Rally. However, they don't seem keen to pass this information onto their customers. This is why women tell us all the time that they didn't know.   

How are they Treacherous?
Would they provide follow up care? Bpas say that there is no evidence to support claims that women can suffer from 'Post Abortion Trauma'. According to bpas if you suffer from depression after having an abortion it's because you were depressed beforehand not because you are now having to deal with the mental, physical and emotional distress of what has happened to you.

Bpas say abortions are safe. Not only is this untrue as far as the baby is concerned, there is a consistent denial of the risk involved.

premature birth
breast cancer
mental health

Anyone who remembers the tobacco industry's denial of the connection between smoking and cancer will recognise the similarities. History has a habit of repeating itself.  

Bpas are systematically withholding information concerning the humanity of the embryo and fetus and the inhumanity of abortion. Ann Furedi has publically attempted to dehumanize an eight-week human embryo by comparing it to a hamster. But Abort67 photos of eight-week aborted embryos tell a very different story – a story bpas is trying to suppress. Bpas misleads mothers to better manipulate, exploit and victimize them. 


'Sign the petition, No More Lies'

When undergoing NHS treatment, consent is required by the patient. This consent can only be given once all the information regarding that treatment has been explained to the patient. 
The abortion industry fails to comply with these guidelines and enjoys a level of freedom the rest of NHS treatments do not. Abortion providers do not give adequate information about the abortion procedure and only have to report complications following abortion procedures up to the time of discharge from the abortion facilities care. This leaves women vulnerable to deception, misinformation and inaccurate statistics on complications. 
By signing this petition you are demanding that the government enforce normal NHS standards on informed consent by abortion providers. 


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